8 DIY Spring Decorating Ideas For The Home

As Spring approaches and we can see nature begin to blossom, our thoughts turn to ways in which we can reflect this seasonal change within our homes. Springtime is traditionally a time to clean and perhaps redecorate our homes to reflect the new life we see outside our windows. So, if you are looking for some DIY spring decorating ideas for your home, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post we will look at 8 simple, sustainable ways in which you can transform your home and capture the essence of spring as you decorate.

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1. Choose a Seasonal Colour Palette

When it comes to bringing the essence of spring into your home, colour plays an indispensable role. You want your space to feel as if it’s in harmony with the refreshing spirit of springtime. Spring colour palettes often reflect the vibrant greens, gentle pinks, and bright yellows found in gardens and flowering trees. These colors have the power to alter a room’s ambiance instantly. Spring’s palette isn’t just about pastels however; it’s about vibrancy and life. Think about the colours that make you feel energized and optimistic, and introduce them into your living spaces through accessories, paint, or even art.

2. Bring Fresh Cut Flowers Into Your Home

Bringing the garden indoors by cutting fresh flowers from your garden is one of the simplest yet effective ways to enhance the atmosphere of any room. A vase full of daffodils or tulips creates a visual link between our living spaces and the emerging spring outdoors. cutting flowers from your own garden is far more sustainable than buying them and it saves money too! If you don’t have a garden with a supply of flowers, consider potted indoor plants such as hyacinths or orchids for an injection of springtime into your home.

3. Refresh Your Scented Candles

It goes without saying that as spring approaches and the temperatures begin to rise, we are able to open our windows wider and allow fresh spring air into our homes. This is a very eco-friendly way to refresh the air in your home. However, depending on where you live (I’m in the north of England!) you may still have a chilly breeze at times, so windows will only be open for a short time. Therefore, you may want to light a candle to inject some spring scents into your home. I always like to put my winter fragrances away and replace them with light, refreshing scents of spring. Think of lilac, fresh linen, and citrus. Not only do these candles infuse the air with seasonal fragrance, they also set the mood and create a soft, inviting glow. Using soy wax candles is a great choice as they are so much better for the environment.

4. Swap Out Your Textiles

Think about the transformation of textiles. Store away heavy woolen blankets, throws and velvet cushions, and swap them for throws, cushions, and curtains made from lightweight fabrics. Cotton and linen are excellent choices. They don’t just visually lighten a room; they also provide a breezy, carefree ambiance. If you’ve had dark or thick curtains, consider sheers that let in more light and play beautifully with the springtime sun.

Think about incorporating seagrass into your home decor. With its natural, sustainable and understated elegance, seagrass baskets or rugs can introduce an earthy vibe. It brings a bit of that outdoor freshness indoors, from rugs and baskets to lampshades planters, it can be used in many areas of your home. 

5. Add a Spring Tablescape

Finally, nothing says spring quite like a well-dressed table. Whether it’s a casual brunch or an elegant dinner, a spring tablescape sends a welcoming message. Create a centerpiece with a mix of flowers cut from your garden or a bowl of seasonal fruit. Pair it with pastel placemats and napkins to complete the springtime look.

6. Remove and Re-arrange for a Spring-Ready Home

A new season is an opportunity to infuse a fresh vibe into our homes. One effective way is to embrace the art of decluttering. It’s not just about creating space but also about preparing our homes to mirror the freshness of spring. By removing items no longer in use or out of season, we make room for new possibilities and a clearer environment that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation. In addition, re-arranging the furniture so that it allows light to flow through a room is an effective way to welcome the freshness of springtime. Remember, in the interests of sustainability, we should pack our winter-season items away safely to be reused next year.

Position house plants strategically to complement your decor, especially in areas that were once dominated by the warmth of a fire. Now, with the hearth less likely to be in use, this space is transformed with the addition of lush greenery or vibrant flowers. Not only do they fill the void with beauty and life, but they also serve as a natural air purifier.

7. Updating Kitchenware

Kitchenware is often overlooked when it comes to seasonal transitions. Yet, it holds remarkable potential to reflect the changing seasons. Consider updating a few key pieces like teapots, placemats, or a set of mugs to echo the themes that characterise spring. Your local thrift store/charity shop could have some of these seasonal items available for a very reasonable price.

8. Keep it Cohesive

Whilst it may be tempting to incorporate every spring hue under the sun, it’s important to create a cohesive look that feels intentional, not chaotic. Choose two or three colors that work well together and thread them through your space with purpose. It might be a pair of throw pillows, a selection of vases, or a strategically placed rug – make sure each element has a reason to be part of your spring narrative.

So, which of these ideas will you be trying this spring? Do you change up your decor seasonally already? If you’d like to share your thoughts and ideas on this topic then please leave a comment below.



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