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Beyond Aesthetics: Interior Design Trends For 2024

I recently looked at a number of articles detailing upcoming interior design trends for 2024 and was pleased to discover that several of them align with the ethos of sustainable interior design. So, if you are considering a revamp for one or more of the rooms in your home and are curious about the current interior design trends, then this article is for you. We will look at the stand-out trends related to colour, wood tones and popular design styles. I’ll also share tips on incorporating these trends into your home sustainably. I have looked at the predictions from a number of sources and will add links at the end of this article so you can delve a little deeper into these suggested trends.

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Colour Palettes

Neutral greys are taking a step back, making way for bold hues in 2024. The colours predicted to be popular are deep greens, khakis, plum and burgundy. We will see a lot of rich chocolate brown interiors this year too.

How you choose to adopt these colours into your home will depend on personal taste. You might want to go for a dramatic, monochromatic look as demonstrated in the picture above, using your favourite bold colours.

Or Or you may just want to add a splash of one of these bold hues for a more subtle effect. Introducing your chosen colour using cushions, throws and artwork is a more eco-friendly way of revamping your space. If you have a perfectly functionable sofa or other furniture items that do not need to be replaced, then adding a new colour can be very effective. To adopt these colours sustainably, consider eco-friendly paint options and support environmentally conscious brands such as Sijo who has some beautiful ‘forest green’ eucalyptus throws and bedding. as well as bedding in more muted colours.

Design Style Inspiration

There are many different design styles out there and I have outlined quite a few in an earlier post so I won’t be delving into each style here. I will be looking at the change in styles predicted for 2024, so if you dont know your style or would like to be inspired, check out my post here. If you need a practical decorating guide, I would also recommend a book by Erin Gates: Elements of Style: Designing a Home & a Life It is organized by rooms in the house and gives lots of practical advice and insights into Erin’s journey.

Quiet luxury: This is a trend that emphasises simplicity, texture, and quality over clutter. Muted color tones, classic understated furniture, and some vintage lighting play a role in creating this look. This trend lends itself to sustainability, as the classic look has long-term appeal, and the well made timeless pieces will last longer than some of the mass produced furniture available. Explore second-hand options and invest in durable, timeless pieces for a more eco-friendly approach.

Minimalism evolved: Minimalism is shifting towards a more organic look with warmer tones like cream, browns, rusts, and muted greens. Sustainability can be prioritised here with the use of eco-friendly and recycled materials as well as sourcing bespoke, environmentally friendly pieces from local artisans.

Personalisation: No matter what your chosen style may be, personalising your space is going to be very popular in 2024. Embracing a more eclectic style by adding personal touches, such a second-hand finds or family heirlooms will create talking points of interest in your room. This is great for those seeking eco-friendly approaches to interior decor. Upcycling, repurposing, thrift shopping and supporting artisans are all sustainable approaches to interior design.

Biophilic design: Opt for biophilic design by bringing nature indoors, through the use of house plants and sustainable materials. For more information on biophilic design in your home, read my earlier blog post here.

Wood Tones: Embracing Darker Hues

Mid to darker wood tones will be everywhere in 2024. They will be found in flooring and furniture, offering a richness and sophistication to any space. Opt for responsibly sourced or reclaimed wood for sustainable choices. Source dark wood furniture from second-hand shops or online from platforms such as Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree.

Beyond Trends: Sustainable Living

As we explore 2024 interior design trends, it’s essential to view sustainable living as more than a trend but a lifestyle. Choosing eco-friendly paint, supporting local artisans and sourcing items second-hand allows you to embracing these trends sustainably. Creating a home that aligns with your style and contributes to a more environmentally conscious way of living can shape not just your space but the world around you.

I hope you have enjoyed exploring these trends for 2024 and that you feel inspired to choose sustainable options when decorating your home. So, which trend is your favourite? Which will you try out? If you’d like to share your thoughts and ideas here, then please leave a comment below.

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