Ideas For Using Reclaimed Wood

In an earlier blog post, I mentioned that using reclaimed wood in the home was more environmentally friendly than using newly sourced wood. The main reason being that it curbs deforestation. Today, I thought I would look at a range of ideas for using reclaimed wood and hopefully inspire you to create some sustainable, beautiful spaces in your own home. With its timeless appeal, versatility, and positive environmental impact, reclaimed wood is one of the frontrunners in eco friendly decor. So let’s delve in and explore the sustainability and various uses of reclaimed wood in interior design, highlighting its unique advantages and benefits.

What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is usually salvaged from a range of old structures, such as barns, warehouses, factories, and also from discarded furniture. Rather than harvesting new timber, which contributes to deforestation and habitat loss, reclaimed wood can be used to create warmth and a rustic charm in any home, prolonging its usefulness. This eco-conscious approach to home interiors reduces the demand for freshly harvested wood whilst also minimizing the waste generated by construction and demolition processes.

Beauty and Character

In addition to the environmental benefits of using reclaimed wood, it has the ability to add charm and character to any living space. Each piece of reclaimed wood carries a unique history, evident from the marks of time and showcasing the natural imperfections such as weathered patina, nail holes, or old saw marks, these unique features tell a story and give the wood a sense of soul that is impossible to replicate with new materials.

Durability and Longevity

Apart from its beauty and environmental impact, reclaimed wood is exceptionally durable. Having withstood the test of time, this wood is often more robust and stable than newly harvested timber. When properly maintained, reclaimed wood can last for generations, reducing the need for frequent replacements and contributing to a more sustainable, low-waste lifestyle.

Versatility in Design

Reclaimed wood is also incredibly versatile, making it a perfect choice for various interior design styles. Whether you prefer rustic, industrial, or contemporary styles, this material can be adapted to suit your preferences. Reclaimed wood can be used for a range of interior purposes from flooring and wall paneling, to furniture and countertops. I have listed 10 creative uses for this versatile material.

  1. Accent Wall: Create a stunning focal point in any room by using reclaimed wood to construct an accent wall. This wall can be installed behind a bed, fireplace, or even in a living room to add texture and visual interest.
  2. Rustic Furniture: Use reclaimed wood to craft rustic furniture pieces like dining tables, coffee tables, bookshelves, or benches. The weathered and aged appearance of reclaimed wood adds charm and a sense of history to your home.
  3. Floating Shelves: Install reclaimed wood floating shelves in your kitchen, living room, or bathroom. These shelves offer both functionality and a rustic, artistic element to display your belongings.
  4. Ceiling Beams: Incorporate reclaimed wood as exposed ceiling beams for a cozy and rustic touch. These beams can be placed in living rooms, kitchens, or even bedrooms.
  5. Barn Doors: Utilize reclaimed wood to create sliding barn doors for closets or as a room divider. The rustic appeal of barn doors can add a touch of country charm to any home.
  6. Picture Frames: Showcase your cherished memories in unique and eco-friendly reclaimed wood picture frames. These frames add a touch of natural beauty to your photos and artwork.
  7. Headboards: Craft a headboard from reclaimed wood for your bed. It adds a rustic and earthy element to your bedroom while being a sustainable choice.
  8. Mirrors: Frame mirrors with reclaimed wood to create a stylish and eco-friendly decor piece that adds character and warmth to your space.
  9. Coat Racks: Construct a coat rack from reclaimed wood, complete with hooks or knobs. It serves as a functional and decorative element in your entryway or mudroom.
  10. Wall Art: Use reclaimed wood to create custom wall art, such as a wooden mosaic, a sculptural piece, or a personalized sign. Reclaimed wood’s unique textures and colors make it an excellent medium for creating eye-catching artwork.

A Note on Safety

It is very important to ensure that reclaimed wood has been treated and finished safely for various reasons. Reclaimed wood often comes from older structures or salvaged materials, which may have been exposed to contaminants or chemicals over time. Therefore, correct treatment and finishing procedures will help eliminate or minimize any potential health hazards.

Correct treatment of reclaimed wood can prevent issues like rot, pests, and decay. It ensures that the wood remains in optimal condition for an extended period, preserving its natural beauty and integrity. It is important to ensure that the treatment and finishing products used on the reclaimed wood are safe and eco-friendly. By taking the necessary precautions and using safe treatments, we not only protect ourselves and our loved ones but also contribute to sustainable and responsible practices, making the most of this environmentally friendly resource.


I hope this post has given you some ideas for using reclaimed wood into your home. The next step will be searching for some beautiful pieces to enhance your living spaces. There are many stockists of reclaimed wooden furniture and flooring. A quick search on Google will show which stockists are near you. Once you have checked that they have used eco-friendly treatments on the wood, then you can make a purchase in the knowledge that you have made a responsible choice for creating sustainable, eco-friendly, and beautiful living spaces. By using reclaimed wood, you conserve natural resources, reduce waste, and promote a healthier environment. Embrace the charm and character of reclaimed wood in your home, and you’ll not only add a touch of history but also play an active role in preserving our planet for future generations.

If you have any comments on this post or would like to share how you have used reclaimed wood in your home, please comment below.

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